Late in 1985, a young farmer is driving the tractor over the wide open fields, busy with fall tilling when a tumbleweed, driven by the prevailing northwest winds came bouncing over the Canadian Prairies. He was impressed that just like the weed seeds are being scattered by this little enemy, even out of season, Satan, the enemy of souls is busy sowing lies and destruction while the many fields of this world lie untouched by the gospel.

He knew it was the spreading of the Word that would make the difference, and since he had some available time ahead during the winter he ordered a few hundred gospel posters, printed some simple “manuals” that explained the verse as a companion, and began mailing them as packets to the remote villages of Northern Manitoba. Later on, he enlisted the help of a few others at the local assembly.

Now, Seed Sowers print more than a million Bible verse posters each year that go to different parts of the world.