Becky Kew

I was commended in 2005, but I was doing full-time work for a couple of years before that.

The work the Lord has given me involves having gospel meetings in a classroom setting at two reserve schools (Sandy Bay and Ebb n’ Flow). I visit a total of 36 classrooms from grades 1-8 and on occasions, I see high school students.  The kids learn songs, verses and hear the gospel from the Bible.  I also run a drop-in centre and visit with the youth on a personal level and become their friend in this setting at Sandy Bay.   Teens come to my home on the weekends for a movie night, meals and a sleepover and we attend meetings in Portage together.

I have Bible studies with youth and also seek to do personal visitation on the reserve.  Summertime involves running a day camp for two weeks called Biblelicious and setting up gospel tables at various aboriginal gatherings. Thank you for praying for me and for praying with me for SANDY BAY AND BEYOND.