Event Details

Each Year Canadian Prairie Youth have been convening for a weekend of winter fun, Christian fellowship and ministry. Whether you are coming to join us again or for the first time, we want you to be part of it. This weekend is open to not only the youth but to families, those who have kids, no kids, grown-up kids. There are many ways to be part of this weekend. I’ll post a schedule of the weekend and opportunities where you can help.



5 PM 5th Ave Gospel Hall Welcome Party and Pizza Supper
6 PM 5th Ave Gospel Hall Games
Devotion by David Peterson
8:30 – 10:30 PM Stride Place Hockey Game (ages 13 to 15: $5/person; 16+: $10/person)
10 AM River Road Gospel Hall
The Amazing Race Challenge
12 PM Lunch
1 PM Spruce Woods Skating, hockey, tobogganing, snack
5:30 PM River Road Gospel Hall Supper
Message by David Petterson
9:30 AM Gospel Halls Remembrance Metings
Lunch @ 5th Ave Gospel Hall
2 PM 5th Ave Gospel Hall Ministry by David Patterson
5:30 PM 5th Ave Gospel Hall Supper
7 – 8 PM River Road Gospel Hall Gospel Meeting
Sing at Fred and Anita Forest’s